The World Is Yours (not Scarface related)

With grad school in full swing now, it’s fair to say one thing is certain: Everyone and everybody seems to want your attention. Let me elaborate. First, your professors, they all have passion for what they teach and are very excited to share that wealth of knowledge they have with their students. Whether it be economics, the NPV of a capital budgeting problem, or even professional development and mannerisms; they point is they want to teach you; therefore asking for your attention.

Second, consider your group projects.   Everyone in the SMF program is placed in a group early in the semester.   Its fair to say this group that is used for basically all of your semester classes quickly become like a small family, wanting to work on group projects, thus, asking for your attention.

Third, consider the wealth of extracurriculars that Fisher has to offer.  Whether you decide to join or not, participate as a board member, or casual member, these groups are asking for your attention.

Finally, career services here at Fisher want us to succeed.   As Audra Fry, my personal career guidance partner, excitedly wants to share the wealth of resources available to landing that awesome job after grad school.   You may conclude where I am going with this: they are asking for your attention.

I wouldn’t recommend using the example of Tony Montana, however accept the attention of others is a way to truly make the world your own.

The point is easily made.  What about your personal attention?   That comes with good time management, planning and sometimes a little luck.   However when you choose to focus your attention to something, usually it’s in the form of doing something to better one’s self. Yesterday marked Fisher’s career fair at the Ohio Union.   Approximately 137 employers were present, looking for those that decided to accept the attention others were giving and turn it into something personal for yourself: A Job.  The career fair presented plenty of options for business students both in undergrad and grad school to dive into opportunities of all proportions.   In the end, the attention you choose to accept from others, and turning it into productive personal attention (i.e. the job fair) is just another way as a grad student you can set yourself up for success.  Accepting the attention of others in grad school is of major benefit.   You will learn more, be involved, land a job and even make a few friends in the meantime.   The world truly is yours…