Great day for OSU fans

Wow, talk about a great way to start the 2012 football season with a great win last weekend! I had the opportunity to be there. Unfortunately, with being only part-time, I don’t qualify for student tickets. But I do have a handful of aunts and uncles who are alumni. I have my aunt to thank for the tickets.

One of the fun things to do before an OSU football home game is to tailgate! I went to Riverwatch for a little bit before the game. This is a really great place to be to meet other OSU fans and fellow students to eat, drink and just have a good time. Tailgating also helps pumps you up for the game.

The first quarter of the game was quite nerve racking, but the Buckeye’s got it together in the 2nd quarter, and it was history from there. After this game I have great hopes for our team the rest of the season, and I can’t wait to see what they can do the rest of the season!

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