Goliath, Bugs, & “That Way”

I have  been living in Columbus, Ohio for 1 month now, and I have learned a few new things along the way…

1-    It is loud in Ohio. I don’t mean there are a lot of cars, people, or airplanes making noise. I mean nature is loud. The trees buzz out here; the night is loud because of crickets and sometimes thunder. The first time I walked by a tree and it sounded like construction was happening on it, I was truly freaked out, which brings me to my second point.

2-    BUGS.  There are a lot! There are loud bugs like the Cicada (tree buzzing). I never realized that high elevation and low humidity also equated to lower amounts of insects, but it does. We deal with bugs in the Rockies, but not like this. When I tell people that I was never concerned about Fleas before moving here they look at me like I am crazy. I have been told that there are more bugs this year because of the mild winter, so maybe this will change a little. Not complaining just saying there are infinite amounts of bugs here.

3-    I am constantly swimming. No, I am not literally in a bathing suit everyday. What I mean is that my lungs are heavy out here- you know how you feel while you are in a pool. My husband who is from the Midwest says he can finally breathe, but I feel like I am breathing in water.

4-    That Way” is all I know.

 In Utah the mountains are to the East. Now, if you are not from Utah, and are visiting you might say, “The Mountains are every way.”  They are not though…. They ARE to the EAST, because of this I have always known which direction and what way I am heading in and what way I need to go.  Cardinal directions are really important, and will allow you to navigate through Utah much easier. That is not necessarily the case here. All I need to know is what way I need to go. I still have no idea whether I live on the north, south, or whatever end of the City, but I have been able to navigate around just knowing that I need to go “that way.”

5-    Cheering for Goliath is getting easier. I went to a mid-major school, and loved the athletics of my school and involved myself in them as much as I could. I HATED the big schools because of this. I would always cheer for the mid-major school over the others. Now, I find myself donning Scarlet and Gray and wanting us to smash those small schools. Do I still cheer for upsets outside of Ohio State? Yes. Will I be cheering for Utah State over Wisconsin? YES! Do I love the hugeness that is The Ohio State’s Athletic Program? With all my heart. I mean how could you not cheer for this… 

6-    I LOVE IT. Despite the noise, bugs, humidity, lack of direction, and newness of the Culture, I have truly felt at home since the move. I figured I would have a lot of homesickness for the mountains, my family, and my friends, but there is something about Columbus and the Fisher/Buckeye family that is so welcoming. I am not saying that I haven’t missed my family (If you are reading family, I have missed you very much), nor that at points things haven’t shocked me, but I do still know that I made the right choice in choosing to attend OSU- Fisher CoB, and I am having a blast discovering the differences between the Rockies and the Midwest.

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  1. Lex, I am so glad you are blogging again:). Miss your face, and jealous of you new adventure, sounds awesome!
    Love, Nat

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