Bible Reading Night with IFI

My roommate and I were invited to a weekly fellowship/Bible discussion gathering last Friday, which was held by IFI. I met Sally and Jim and they volunteered to drive us to the church and later I also joined their discussion group.

I didn’t expect that there would be so many students in the church and the hall was super lively and crowded. They were all enjoying the homemade Chinese and American food when I arrived. It was hard not to be excited when you saw those Chinese fry rice and traditional food and it seemed that the stir-fried bean sprout was the most popular dish. 🙂  My first impression was that people in the church are warm-hearted and generous.

The singing part began after the dinner. Led by a band, we sang a few beautiful songs. Well, actually, I was just listening because all the songs were new to me and I couldn’t follow them. But immersed in the music, I felt touched.

The Bible reading part was the most interesting part. Led by our group leaders Sally and Jim, all of us first made a self-introduction and then were asked to talk about one happy thing and one bad thing happened this week. It’s really funny to hear other people’s stories. Some students were worried about their readings and one girl was driven crazy by the cockroach in her kitchen. Sharing was one part of the discussion. After then, we read the first few pages of the Bible which talked about the very beginning of human beings. This story was not unfamiliar with me since I have read it before. The discussion part was pretty cool. When we were talking about God, the creator of human beings, we even discussed whether there was “God of God,” an entity who may have created God. In fact, we had no answer to most of the questions.

It was one of our teammates’ 20th birthday that night. We sang the Chinese happy birthday song for him and a boy in our group played the saxophone for him, which was quite touching. I guessed it would be a special birthday for him. The last part of the discussion was the praying part. Sally listed all the things we wanted to pray for and I just wished everybody good luck for everything.