Only in Columbus!

There are some things that have occurred over the past few days that can happen Only in Columbus!  I’m borrowing the term from a phrase associated with Don King, the famous boxing promoter, who would frequently say “Only in America” when referring to how he came from nothing and became a rich and famous persona.  My context is a little different, but bear with me.

Only in Columbus… can you be walking around The Ohio State University and run into the President of the university, E. Gordon Gee.  He’s very easy to spot, with his always-present bow-tie and smile.  From what we could tell, he was just walking around campus to introduce himself to new students arriving onto campus.  If you aren’t very familiar with him, just trust me when I say he’s both a local and national icon and a very distinguished administrator.

Only in Columbus… can you be walking around Easton Town Center, the outdoor, lifestyle mall on the east side of Columbus, and you run into former OSU Buckeye and current Boston Celtic Jared Sullinger.  Sullinger is also a local celebrity, having been born and raised in Columbus and being a high school basketball phenom, he was recruited to play basketball at OSU.  After an illustrious freshman year, it was all but certain he would enter the NBA draft.  But Sullinger chose to forgo the fame and wealth for one more year and return to the Buckeyes for a second year.  This past spring, he was drafted by the Boston Celtics and will start his professional basketball career.


And Only in Columbus… can you stand on a street corner and turn your head to the right and see the Horseshoe (Ohio Stadium, where the football team plays) and then turn your head to the left and see the Fisher College of Business.  I bring up this point to highlight how amazing of a location the FCOB has on campus.  It is located right by the iconic stadium, which means every time you walk in or out of the business school, you can be reminded of the exciting games and memories created at the Shoe.  And every time you go to a football game, you can look over and be reminded of the amazing experiences you had and the rich educational life you lived while studying at the FCOB.

Needless to say, I am a fan of Columbus, the FCOB and The Ohio State University.  I highly recommend it as a place to learn, live and start a career.

On a side note, at the football game this past weekend, the Dean of the Fisher College of Business, Christine Poon, was brought onto the field during a timeout and received a donation for the university of $4.9 million.  It was amazing to see her out there and to see the generosity of those loyal to the school.  Only in Columbus!

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