From Classmates to Friends

As a graduate student, I didn’t know how much of the normal student body I would be exposed to throughout the year, so a few of my SMF classmates and I took part in one of OSU’s Welcome Week events. The university put on a concert with Big Sean headlining. Six of us met up before just to hang out before with the main act not starting until 9:00 or so. Since most of us aren’t familiar with the campus, it was quite an adventure trying to navigate by foot across campus to the South Oval. We went up and down a few streets and alleys, maybe circling the same building a few times.

Once we got to the North Oval, which is next to the library, we could hear thousands of freshman screaming, yelling and singing along from about 200 yards away. The opening acts were just finishing up, so our timing was perfect. We all piled into the crowd and got to enjoy the fun that was a outdoor concert with thousands of others.

Big Sean at OSU

The concert was fun, but the best part was the bonding that went on through the entire ordeal between us. After, we all decided to swing by the nearest Jimmy Johns for a quick bite to eat then continued to enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the night. It may have just been some silly concert, but it was the start of turning people who were just classmates into friends.