My Orientation Week with the Fisher MAcc Program

As an international student who spent her undergraduate years at Ohio State, I think of Columbus as my second home and it was so exciting to come back to Columbus last week in my new role – a graduate student of one of the leading Master of Accounting program in the nation.

On the first day of the MAcc orientation, we finally got the chance to meet Samantha, the academic advisor from Graduate Programs Office, and Kaylin, the program coordinator, who constantly followed up with us during the summer to ensure we were well prepared on our transition to be MAcc students.  They will also continue assisting us on academic issues, such as course planning, and other upcoming Fisher events. In addition, we interacted with faculty members and received advises from them in terms of how to achieve success during this nine-month program. Professor Eric Spires’s Three Things Not to Do If I am a MAcc student provided us thorough opinions on how to take advantage of the MAcc program to benefit our long-term career goals.

Bonding with our new classmates was another objective of the orientation. By participating in the team-building workshop, I was pleased to know that I will spend most of my time with my fellow students from culturally and academically diverse backgrounds this year. The graduate program office also offers a number of opportunities for us to network with our new classmates and help us to know each other better. The Summit Vision sponsored by Ernst & Young was one great example, which all of us are invited on the second day of orientation to challenge physically ourselves together. This event not only increased our confidence on dealing with unexpected situations but also taught and helped develop our communication skills and mutual support among our partners are extremely imperative to achieve outstanding performances in a team.

I can’t wait to see my classmates more on campus!!!!!