But for Ohio State … 20 Years in the Making

But for Ohio State.

Those four words have led a campaign for students, alumni, employees and others to share their stories of how our great university has transformed their lives. Mine is but one more story.

My journey began in September 1992 when I moved into Haverfield House, Room 2104, on Woodruff Avenue with one of my best friends from high school and two other strangers. I’d like to say that a life-changing campus visit or lots of time-intensive thought and research led me to campus. Truth be told, there were two real reasons I came to Ohio State. 1. It’s where my brother attended and 2. I imagined that the university would offer any major I could possibly want to pursue. On that point, I was completely right.

Soon I was in love. I found a world filled with ideas, cultures, learning, music and people I had never experienced as a girl attending a somewhat rural school district. It was liberating in a way I never knew existed.

Of course I was also in love with my now-husband, Bill–who was once roommates with my brother–and fellow Ohio State student. At the end of my sophomore year, Bill and I were married and people asked me if I would continue to attend school. It seemed like such a crazy question. Of course I would!

In 1996, I graduated with a major in journalism, minor in English. But for Ohio State and my classes with the Lantern, I would not have had published articles to get my first internships, which led to my first job working for a magazine. I loved working as a writer and an editor. In that career I saw and experienced opportunities that would have otherwise been unknown to me. I have stood with bison, talked to people in-the-know, flown in a four-passenger plane on the way to a story, walked until blisters formed, and fired hand guns–all for one story or another. But for Ohio State, I would have never known the beautiful world of exploration and discovery writers experience every time they start a new assignment.

Two years after my graduation, Bill graduated for a second time with a bachelor’s degree in computer science to pair with his bachelor’s degree in nutrition. We often say that his return to Ohio State to pursue that degree was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We didn’t know just how important that decision would be until several years later.

Along the way, we joined the Alumni Association, and I contributed to the OSUAA magazine as a freelance writer while raising our family. In 2003, our daughter, Amelia, was born at the Medical Center, and I could not have asked for a better experience.

By autumn 2008, career turns led Bill back to Ohio State where he joined the Biomedical Informatics Research and Development team developing cancer research software. For the first time, the knowledge he learned pursuing both degrees at Ohio State combined perfectly. Today he is a director for Biomedical Informatics, a position that is both meaningful, challenging and everything he could have hoped for at this stage in his career.

With Bill working for Ohio State, I finally had the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree, thanks to the generous tuition benefit for spouses. In 2009 I started the MLHR program at Fisher and, as they say, I never looked back. Once again, I was in love. The wave of loving learning returned, paired with a wonderful group of classmates.

On June 10, nearly 20 years after my journey with Ohio State began, I will officially earn my master’s degree. Together, Bill and I will have four degrees to frame.

But the story does not end there. But for Ohio State … I would not have my first full-time job in my new career. In April I started a position as an HR Associate with the College of Medicine.

To say that our lives would be immeasurably different, but for Ohio State, would be an understatement. It is the university that once served us and for which we now serve today. But for Ohio State, we would not know the life we live today, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you, OSU!



Fast, furious, and finished … where did the time go?

The absence of my blog posts since February might be an indication of how busy and fast the last few months of the first year of the FTMBA program really are.  By the third quarter (and for future students, the second semester), you will find yourself completely immersed in graduate life; classwork, internship prep, and socializing.  The time after spring break went by like a Formula 1 race car (way to go, Dario Franchitti!).

Dario pushing for the win - 2012!


I took my last final yesterday and I am still in shock that the first year of my MBA program is complete.  I came into this program confident that it was the right move for me, yet humanly hesitant about the challenges that lay ahead.  Every scary new opportunity is ripe with the possibility of growth.  And grow I did.  I have rediscovered the excitement of learning.  I took on classes that I never thought I had a chance of understanding (um, finance, accounting?) and succeeded (and even discovered that I, dare I say, enjoyed them???).  I lived without a steady income.  (I had no idea how I would survive without buying designer clothes and eating at fancy restaurants, but as it turns out, it’s not that hard to spend wisely).  I’ve met professors who have inspired me and fellow students who have supported me.  It’s not just a new chapter, but a whole new book.  I figure life is like building a library, and I might need a new bookshelf soon.

To the new MBA class, tackle your new opportunities head on.  You’ll get sucked in to an exciting experience that will literally change your life.  You may even forget to keep up with your blog posts.

Have a wonderful summer!

Buffy and Einstein



These people, they changed my life for the better

The very first day I walked into Gerlach Hall last September and met the men and women I was to spend the next 9 months with in class, group meetings, and various activities, I was unsure if it was going to be the kind of experience I was hoping for. But as I write this today, I can confidently say that my colleagues in the MAcc class of 2012 are awesome people. Though we came from different backgrounds, we quickly embraced the culture of teamwork which undoubtedly resulted in building lifelong friendships.

Personally, I made friends who corrected me and drew my attention to flaws in my character; friends who encouraged me during my down moments; friends who were willing to go every extent to make sure I felt comfortable in my new environment; friends that opened up their homes to me so I felt at home; and friends I will remember forever. The lovely people I spent the last 9 months of my life with have definitely changed my life immensely – my outlook of life, understanding American culture, learning about different cultures and ethnicities, and what it means to respect other people. Thank you!

If you are an incoming MAcc student or considering applying to the Fisher MAcc program in the future, know that you are in the right place. I don’t know how the admission committee gets all these wonderful people together, but it’s something they do every year. The people in Fisher – especially the MAcc class – are/were awesome.

I wish all my colleagues the very best in all their endeavors.