Fast, furious, and finished … where did the time go?

The absence of my blog posts since February might be an indication of how busy and fast the last few months of the first year of the FTMBA program really are.  By the third quarter (and for future students, the second semester), you will find yourself completely immersed in graduate life; classwork, internship prep, and socializing.  The time after spring break went by like a Formula 1 race car (way to go, Dario Franchitti!).

Dario pushing for the win - 2012!


I took my last final yesterday and I am still in shock that the first year of my MBA program is complete.  I came into this program confident that it was the right move for me, yet humanly hesitant about the challenges that lay ahead.  Every scary new opportunity is ripe with the possibility of growth.  And grow I did.  I have rediscovered the excitement of learning.  I took on classes that I never thought I had a chance of understanding (um, finance, accounting?) and succeeded (and even discovered that I, dare I say, enjoyed them???).  I lived without a steady income.  (I had no idea how I would survive without buying designer clothes and eating at fancy restaurants, but as it turns out, it’s not that hard to spend wisely).  I’ve met professors who have inspired me and fellow students who have supported me.  It’s not just a new chapter, but a whole new book.  I figure life is like building a library, and I might need a new bookshelf soon.

To the new MBA class, tackle your new opportunities head on.  You’ll get sucked in to an exciting experience that will literally change your life.  You may even forget to keep up with your blog posts.

Have a wonderful summer!

Buffy and Einstein