Did You Walk? Run? Crawl? Volunteer? Fisher 5k Success!

The 2012 Fisher 5k has come and gone.  Maybe you ran, maybe you walked, maybe you crawled, or maybe you made the mistake of not getting involved.  If the latter is the case, don’t worry – it’ll be back again next year!  I was lucky enough to attend the event, and here’s what I experienced.


Getting ready to start!

The event was incredibly well run.  All runners and walkers were placed in the corral with plenty of time to get rid of the pre-race jitters before the 9.00 start.  There was ample space in the corral too – some races make you feel so packed and uncomfortable while waiting to start, but that was not the case here.  Well done, Fisher 5k!  A member of the OSU Women’s Glee Club sang the national anthem for us, and soon after 9.00 the race began.

Along the race course, volunteers did an excellent job of pointing out the route.  Not once did I question where I was going.  Further, the volunteers did such a great job of cheering on all the participants, even when they had no idea who we were.  These anonymous words of encouragement can really make a big difference during a race – especially if you’re going through a bit of a tough time.

Speaking of the route – wow!  It was a new route this year, and was incredible!  I posted a map of the route, but seeing it firsthand was incredibly different and way awesome.  Participants got to see all portions of campus, and the stretch through Mirror Lake was so picturesque.  There were no laps or repeat stretches of the course, which is always nice too.

Following the race, generous sponsors provided Panera bagels, bananas, apples, oranges, and Nutrigrain bars.  And of course, there was plenty of water and Gatorade for runners to rehydrate with.  These treats are always appreciated when you’re dripping in sweat following your great race.

Can you see all those post-race goodies!?


I honestly don’t know what else the Fisher 5k could have done this year to make the event any better.  Operations seemed flawless, all participants I spoke to and saw had a great time, and it looked like a fantastic turnout.  I’ll be very excited to see what the final fundraising dollars are when they are released.  If you were unable to participate in some way this year, make sure you do next year – and remember, even if you’re graduating you can still run/walk/crawl!  Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it.

Unofficial “MAcc Weekend”= Official Success!

I am amazed that we fit so much into one weekend! After my classes ended on Thursday, I and some other MAccers attended a dance and fashion show called UTSAV, put on by the Fisher Indian Students Association. We had so much fun watching and enjoyed the delicious Indian lunch afterward! On Friday morning, a group of us was invited to have breakfast with MAcc faculty and staff. This was a wonderful opportunity to chat about the past year and give and receive advice for the future.  Fisher Formal was held on Friday evening and was a great time of dancing and hanging out with people from various Fisher graduate programs.

On Saturday, 17 of us MAccers went to Cedar Point for the day! We left around 7 am, but it was worth it! We had so much fun riding roller coasters, and the weather was beautiful. It was fun to get out of our comfort zone together, speeding in roller coasters at over 100 mph and being several hundred feet in the air. Even waiting in line was fun because we could chat with each other!

Sunday was another eventful day for the MAcc program. Nine of us ran the Fisher 5K to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus. Five of us were on a relay team, and since we beat our professor’s time, we get ice cream during finals week! What great motivation! A few hours later, we had a picnic for future MAcc students. Nearly 50 people, including professors and both current and future students, enjoyed great food, meeting and catching up with a lot of different people, and playing corn hole. Once again, we had a warm and sunny day for the festivities. I declare this weekend an excellent success!

I’m going to be a M.O.H.

M.O.H – Maid of Honor.  That’s a title I’m donning for the first time in my life this year, for my best friend Ashley’s wedding (and no, it’s not going to be like the movie).

Ash’s wedding is August 25.  While August 25 may seem like a long way away, my MOH duties began long ago.  Dress shopping for her dress and the bridesmaid dresses, dress fittings, many discussions of wedding details, and the best part – the bachelorette party!  Ashley will be a bachelorette for another 4 months, but we chose to start celebrating early to accommodate her busy schedule as a second-year medical resident.  As a former member of the Ohio State Equestrian team, and lifelong horse lover, she wanted to attend the races at Keeneland in Lexington, KY – similar to the Kentucky Derby, but much more affordable.   Planning your best friend’s bachelorette party is no small task – especially with an already packed schedule like the ones we have as WPMBA students.  So how did I do it, you ask?  By tapping into the planning and organization skills I have acquired both at my job and at school.

The planning started with scheduling.  Finding a weekend that would work for both Ashley and her 12 friends attending the party was not easy – starting early, so that everyone could set aside the weekend, was key.  Then came the big things, like finding a hotel, scheduling transportation to and from the races, and buying tickets.  Once those critical items were crossed off the list, I started delegating.  I asked another girl to be in charge of making restaurant reservations.  I asked everyone to bring food and drinks for the hotel room.  I bought fun stuff for weekend, like blow-up stick horses – which were a really fun way to look like a bachelorette party!  I took a cue from my experience planning trade shows and meetings at work and rather than ask everyone for input on certain things, I made the call and communicated what each girl needed to do – without being “bossy”.

In the end, the girls told me how appreciative they were of my planning – they knew where to be when, what to bring, and what to wear – all the things that are key to a successful bachelorette party.  And a success it was!  Despite the lousy weather, we all had a fantastic time – especially the bride.  MOH success #1!  Now for the wedding shower (which, luckily, her mom is planning most of) – and writing that speech!

Horse Races!
At the Horse Races!

People and Places

The past few weeks have truly shown what a wonderful opportunity it is to be a Fisher MAcc student. I am amazed by faculty and staff, classmates, and experiences, and I will try to (as briefly as possible) highlight some of the recent reasons why!

  1. I was spending a long day in Gerlach Hall, and the director of our program walked by, noted that I looked hungry, and gave me a bag of trail mix 🙂
  2. Fellow MAcc students and I had the opportunity to reflect on the AMAZING support of our advisor, Samantha Schnitzer, when recommending her for the university’s advising award.
  3. A big group of MAccers went to Dirty Frank’s (highly recommended!) for dinner and then to the Shen Yun culture show at the Ohio Theater. It was so much fun to take in some culture downtown together!
  4. The next evening, we had our MAcc Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program thank-you event at the Columbus Clippers baseball game. Hanging out at the ballpark with so many awesome people was a blast!
  5. Ohio State held its annual Best Day of Your Life events (to promote mental health awareness), and a group of us MAccers enjoyed the giveaways!
  6. Fisher recognized several of my graduate and undergraduate friends and awesome professors at its Pace Setters Awards ceremony. The room was full of phenomenal and inspiring people who have impacted me in so many ways.
  7. We had our annual MAcc Gives Back community service day, which was so much fun! My group went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and we got to do a variety of projects. Then we reunited with other groups for a picnic in the Fisher Courtyard. It was a wonderful day!

Scheduling – Part Two

So last week was a busy week for many of the WPMBA‘s; well, those of us who had the fun experience of two midterms back to back last Tuesday.  I for one was not a fan of two midterms on the same night.  It made for a long weekend of studying.  And then came scheduling.  A post several weeks ago, I was very excited about the opportunity for scheduling for fall semester.  For the past year, we’ve basically been told “The switch is coming, you must take these classes.” Which was simple enough.   But now, with the majority of my core classes out of the way, picking electives was exciting idea to start.  Well, scheduling for electives can be a daunting task.  There are several options.  Some may can pick classes by days of the week, others by interests, workload, group projects, professors and so much more.  I’ve scheduled for autumn semester but I’m not positive about the classes yet; there’s still time.

So here’s my task for anybody in the WPMBA program that happens to read my blog.  What elective classes did you like/dislike?  What would you recommend to those of us choosing electives for the first time?  Those who have taken the classes first hand are great resources!

Fisher 5k – Run, Walk, Crawl, Volunteer!

Hasn’t the weather in May been fantastic so far?  I mean seriously – bright, sunny days…warm temperatures…it’s just the right weather to be outside!

Every year, Fisher does an incredible event in May called the Fisher 5k – you guessed it, a 5k run/walk (or even a crawl, according to Rob).  The Fisher 5k is always a lot of fun, but the heart of the event lies in service, which makes it even better.  It has been an annual event since 2004 and claims the title of the largest 5k on campus.  Proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.  Just to brag a little…in 2011, the Fisher 5k raised over $21,000 for the Boys and Girls Club.  Yeah, not too shabby!

Registration for the “race” (it is a race, but you certainly don’t have to treat it like one!) is open!  Further, registration is not open to just students.  Anyone can race – the more the merrier!  The Fisher 5k is also accepting volunteers, if that’s more your style.  Definitely consider getting involved in one of these two ways… I will be!

Looks fun! Such a nice tour of campus!!

Here are the quick facts for the 5k:

  • The race is May 20th at 9.00 AM
  • Preregistration is open, but you can register day of the race from 7.00AM-8.45AM
  • This year features a brand new course that winds through campus!  See the map above.
  • Parking for the event is FREE
  • Post race refreshments (bagels, fruit, beverages) are provided

The weather should be beautiful, you’re supporting a wonderful cause, and you’ll be surrounded by over 1,000 of your favorite Ohio State students, faculty, staff, alumni, and fans.  Sign up today and join us for the 2012 Fisher 5k!

Electives…Friend or Foe?

With almost four quarters in the WPMBA program under my belt, the time has come to make the big leap from core classes to electives.  I am not entirely completely with the core courses, but due to the quarter-to-semester conversion, I won’t be taking my last quarter of electives until Spring of 2013. Which means it’s time to start taking electives.  Now, many of my classmates have been looking forward since day one to getting the core classes “over with” so they could begin taking electives.  I, on the other hand, am terrified of electives.

Why terrified, you ask?  For one, the choices themselves are overwhelming.  Fisher boasts a wide selection of course offerings, which is a good thing, I know – but makes deciding which ones to take a bit stressful.  What if you pick the wrong ones?  How do you know if the professor will be good, or if the class will be too challenging or not challenging enough?  I will do my best to talk to my older, wiser classmates who can provide advice on what to take and what not to take, but without a central depository for that type of information, it’s almost impossible to have the “in” on every class.

Perhaps even more disconcerting to me is the loss of “core comfort”.  For the past year, I have been told exactly what classes to take and when to take them.  I have gotten to know my classmates well.  Now, we are all going to be spilt up based on our interests and schedules – and that makes me sad.  I really like being in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, seeing the same people.  Now, we will be spread out – I will probably have class on Monday and Tuesday, while some of my friends will have class on Wednesday and Thursday.  And what about seeing everyone at the bar on Thursday nights?!  “Growing up” is making me sad.

I need to remind myself that I am not in this program just to socialize (although that’s what makes it bearable) – that I am actually paying a lot of money to learn – and learn what I want to learn.  I also need to remind myself that new classes are an opportunity to meet new people, which means an opportunity for new, refreshing class discussions.  Change can be good!  At least I’ll keep telling myself that…

How Electives Make Me Feel

Classmates – the Fisher WPMBA program’s greatest asset(s)

After being in the WPMBA program for almost a year (which does not seem possible!), I have learned so much.  The core classes are all beneficial and the professors are (for the most part) passionate about their subject matter and helping the students succeed.  But the best part of this program has been all the new classmates I have met.  Every person in the program has a different background and different work experience but all come together two days a week to continue their education.  This network of classmates is amazing.  Need to know what classes to take next term?  Just ask a couple of classmates and get their views on professors, work load, etc.  Need homework help?  Met up with a group of people and work on it together.  Upcoming job interview?  There’s probably someone in the program that works where you are interviewing.  Ask for advice!  The options are really limitless.  They all understand the pressures of working 40+ hours, plus class, plus studying, and maybe having room for a life now and then.  They understand taking vacation days from work to study for an exam.  When I started the WPMBA last June, I was not sure what to expect.  Honestly, I was overwhelmed.  But after meeting several great people starting off, and more each quarter, the classes and workload balancing act still may seem overwhelming at times, but I know I have a network of friends that are available to help or at least understand.

Shout out time:   Two of those classmates that I met on Day 1 who I call friends now are Vince and Dave.  They are great!  I’m going to miss them over the summer when I’m not sitting by them every day in class, since we’ll be taking different electives…as much as Dave has tried over the past six weeks to get me to like Finance.

Market to Market – Another Rockin Time in Columbus

I’ve written a few posts that talk about how awesome Columbus is, mostly dedicated to the awesome coffee shops we’ve got, but also to boast about some restaurants and events that are put on in our fantastic city.  Today I write about another event that occurs twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall) and is INCREDIBLE.  So what’s this event?  The Market to Market Bicycle Adventure.

They always have such great advertisements - and themes!!

Before I can tell you about the Market to Market Bicycle Adventure though, I feel as though I must tell you about the North Market and the Worthington Hills Market, which are the two markets that sponsor the event and give it its name.  The Hills Market offers local products, such as coffees, meats, and beers.  It’s really cool to see products from all over Ohio in one location, and all are fairly priced.  There are tons of events to partake in too, such as wine tastings and food samplings.  The North Market is less of a grocery store, and more of a permanent indoor farmer’s market.  During the warmer months, the market extends outdoors too.  Tons of people love going to the North Market for lunch, as many of its vendors don’t sell produce but meals…and there is some GREAT food there.  I recommend Clever Crow Pizza! North Market is definitely something you need to see in person when you’re in Columbus.

Now – onto the ride!  Participants choose which market they would like to start at and have breakfast and coffee.  At your leisure, you then ride to the next market along the Olentangy Bike Trail.  This is about a 13 mile ride, but there are sponsors all along the route to stop at and refresh.  This year’s sponsors included Pattycake Bakery, Yelp!, and Wild Goose Creative to name a few.  At the destination market, riders enjoy a few scoop of Jeni’s Ice Cream – said by many to be the best in Columbus!  Riders are also given a bag full of coupons to use at both markets for discounts on groceries, produce, and meals.  We used some of ours for lunch at the North Market, and it was delicious.

This event is perfect for anyone.  I had an incredible time (and I’ve done it for the past three years, each time more fun than the last), as did everyone I rode with.  The group I rode with covered everyone from serious riders to those that ride a bike maybe once per year.  It caters to all!

Here's my girlfriend and I rocking the moustache theme - although mine ended up on my eyebrows since I was rocking a real 'stache

To polish off this Columbus-themed post, I thought I’d include a quick video about some of the other awesome offerings in Columbus.  Warning:  After watching this video, you’ll find moving to our city absolutely irresistible!

Fisher “Prom”!!!

I will use this post as my first unofficial action as the WPMBA Internal Public Relations representative (I am running uncontested, so I think I’m OK to say that 🙂 ).  This post is a shameless plea to get you, WPMBA student, to attend the Fisher Formal on Friday, May 18!  Reasons to attend:

  • It’s not just for the full-time students, although it may feel that way.  Let’s show the full-timers that the WP’s know how to party, too!  They shouldn’t get to have all the fun.
  • It’s downtown, in the Smith Brother’s building – I’ve never been, but I hear cool things
  • $40 all you can eat and drink.  Nuf said.
  • It’s a reason to dress up a bit and wear that new, cool tie or fun dress
  • It’s a great opportunity to have a fun night out with your school friends without having to drive home and go to work in the morning!
  • It’s my BIRTHDAY!

Hope to see you on May 18th!

Better Than Your High School Prom!