Working hard and having fun

This week really demonstrated the need for balance. With a little time management, it is definitely possible. On Wednesday, I studied a lot for a quiz but then had time to go to Bible study with two other MAcc girls. On Thursday, I spent awhile working on my exit exam (a few short essays we all have to submit near the end of the program) but then had time to visit my sister. On Friday, I had two group meetings and was on the student panel for next year’s combined BSBA/MAcc students (it’s a great group!). All of these events were balanced with friendly chats as well. Then a group of us MAccers jumped around at Sky Zone, which was a blast! It was exhausting, though, so I refueled with some Graeter’s ice cream (an Ohio favorite) with another awesome MAcc friend 🙂 I went to the spring football game on Saturday and continued to work on the exit exam. That left Sunday open for church and lunch at the local Northstar Cafe with MAcc friends, followed by a group project that was both hard work and fun.

There is a fair amount of work to get done in the MAcc program, but having awesome professors, interesting classes, and fabulous classmates makes everything so enjoyable. It’s so fun to hang out with everyone during both group work and outside of Fisher. There is always something to do, and I am thankful for such amazing experiences!