Spring Quarter Is Here

Welcome back to another quarter; or your first (and last quarter) of the WPMBA program!  I’m sure many of you agree that Spring Break went by far too fast.  Spring Quarter brings warmer weather which makes sitting in class a little harder.

This quarter, the my classes are two of the core: Finance and Marketing.  So far, both classes seem interesting and engaging.  A positive this quarter is the minimal amount of group work.  After last quarter of having a group project or presentation in all three classes, a break from group work is welcomed.  Now, I’m all for group projects and see the benefits, but it’s such a challenge on the part of scheduling time to meet when you have a group of working professionals.  Like Sarah, I also welcome the Marketing class!!  What I do every day aligns more with Marketing aspects over any other area.

When I came to class on Tuesday, I sat by someone who was unfamiliar to me.  Marissa is starting her first quarter in the Working Professionals program.  As we were talking, I realized what a “veteran” I began to sound like about the program.  It does not seem possible that I’m starting my fourth quarter in the program.  For those of you who think that the (at least) two year program seems a long time, the time really goes by fast.  As a student, you get into a routine of work, class, and study time.  I do not feel as stressed going into the start of another quarter and I feel much more comfortable around my fellow classmates.

Welcome Spring Quarter – one week down, nine to go!!