Last night in class, for the first time since I started the WPMBA Program last summer, I had that feeling I dreamt of having when I decided to pursue my MBA.  That feeling of utter excitement, engagement, and passion for what I was learning.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been impressed with the level of education I am receiving at The Fisher College of Business –believe me,  I am – after all, we are ranked #9 in part-time MBA programs!  And while I have enjoyed my classes thus far (Econ was particularly interesting), I have yet to feel giddy over a class.  That is, until last night …

So what class could make me feel this way, you ask?  Why, none other than MARKETING!  This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given that I work in marketing, and have long proclaimed my distance from my undergraduate background of Industrial Engineering.  A large part of why I chose to pursue an MBA is to gain a formal education in marketing, so that I can establish myself in the field and continue to grow in a marketing career.  But although I was really looking forward to taking marketing, I didn’t have high hopes for the class.  It’s notorious for inconsistency in professors, and as of the first class, I had yet to hear a peep from our professor.

But happily, Professor Deborah Mitchell way exceeded my expectations!  A Buckeye alumna, she is new to the Fisher teaching community – so new, that she only gained access to Carmen yesterday afternoon. (Carmen is the online class management system used by faculty and students at Ohio State.)  She is the exact opposite of the unorganized, uninspiring professor I feared.  Her first class was engaging and thought-provoking, and had me smiling with excitement the entire time!  To her, marketing is much more than the 4P’s, and rather, is the driver for growth in a firm.  I believe that I will be a better contributor to my organization after every class I attend.

I can’t wait to go back tomorrow night!