Welcome Back – Our Final Quarter … The Final Countdown

Hello all!  Welcome back – I hope your spring break was as fantastic as mine, and that you are well rested and ready for the LAST spring quarter at The Ohio State University!

This quarter I’ll be taking Accounting 841 – Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance 872 – Real Estate Finance, and Marketing and Logistics 880 – Logistics Management.  I welcome any questions about the courses, or why I chose to take them.

I also wanted to take a minute to remind you not to be shy about asking questions!  This is your last quarter to ask me anything and everything about Ohio State, the MAcc program, Columbus, etc etc etc.  Any question you ask will be answered in a blog post, or if nothing else, via e-mail or another comment to the post.  I’ve already gotten a question about housing for MAcc/grad students, and that post will be up soon!

Remember to stay focused this quarter…I know, it can be tough.  The weather is getting nice and we’re so close to being done…but hang in there!! It’s the final countdown …