Crunch Time

Ok, guys.  It’s officially crunch time.  Both my job and school are entering the peak of their busyness – at the same time.

  • Group Projects:  I have a group project and/or presentation in all three of my classes – all due in the last two weeks of the quarter.
  • Finals:  I have to take my finals EARLY, on Friday of the last week of class, because I am leaving the Saturday before finals week for a week-long business trip in Las Vegas (off strip…don’t get too jealous, it will be more work than play).  This means I will miss a weekend of study time, as well as Professor-led study sessions.
  • Work:  I am responsible for the success of our biggest meeting of the year – one that involves customers – and just so happens to be during finals week.

So, yea, I’m busy right now.  But it’s time I stop b*tch*ng about it, and instead, take a deep breath, and start pushing through it.  I will try to take one day – no, one hour or minute- at a time, and make the most of that hour or minute.  I will plan ahead, so that there is set time to complete all of our group projects.  And I will hunker down this coming weekend and study, study, study for finals!


Wish me luck!