An Open Letter to My Children

When I was thinking about writing this blog, I imagined it as an open letter to my children. Something like this…

Dear Samuel & Amelia,

One day I hope you will understand why I decided to change careers and go to grad school later in life. I hope it will make you proud, and help you understand the importance of higher education. In so many ways, I have done this for you.

I know that is hard to understand as you try to navigate seventh grade and third grade, most weeknights without mom there to help you through the day’s challenges. But each night as I’m sitting in class, I look at the clock and think of each of you. Six o’clock: supper should be made, something dad did his best to put together. Seven o’clock: Homework in full swing, or nearly finished. A trip out to the barn to feed the chickens and goats. Eight o’clock: Washing up with baths and having a snack before bed. Nine o’clock: Tucked in, book bags packed for the next school day. I’ve missed all of that, night after night, to learn about business, ethics, the law, employment practices, and the myriad other details I must learn to become an HR professional.

There have been other casualties along the way too: missed 4-H meetings, missed parent-teacher conferences, missed piano lessons, missed bowling matches, missed suppers and missed conversations. And even when I am home, how many times have I set aside time together so I could study, go to a group meeting, put together a project, or read a case study? The answer: too many.

I know that you are here, and thank goodness for your dad who has so often become two parents rolled into one, but I can’t help but miss you. I miss all of you.

But when I walk into Ohio Stadium four months from now, cap on, smile wide, know that I will again be thinking of you. And this time I won’t say I miss you. I will say thank you and I love you.



4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Children”

  1. Amber, I LOVE this! It has been difficult for all of us, especially the kids who had to eat my cooking.

    I’ll be reading this with them tonight after piano.


  2. Dear Mommy,

    I am really proud of you for doing this for us. When your are done I hope we can go to St. Thomas like we talked about.

    p.s. We miss you, too. Dads dinners haven’t killed us yet.

  3. This is adorable! You’re a great mom for sacrificing so much to make your kids’ lives better. I’m sure they will appreciate it someday.

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