WPMBA + Baby = *$(#*!*@

Before you freak out – the baby is NOT mine!  Thank goodness.  I am speaking of my friend Mark, my best friend in the WPMBA program who I met at orientation and befriended on day one of class.  He and his wife, Lucia, are expecting a baby any day now – in fact, by the time this is posted, they will already be a few days past their due date – and could be parents!

Mark and Lucia were planning on starting the WPMBA program together this past summer; in fact, Lucia was accepted before Mark!  But, a few weeks before school started, Lucia got the exciting news that she was pregnant, and decided that work + school + baby = impossible – a choice that many women make.  Mark, however, would continue on with his plan to start the program.  I find that this is a pretty common decision – there are plenty of fathers of young children in the program, but very few mothers.  Chalk it up to whatever you’d like – a women’s maternal instinct to “be there” during the first precious years of childhood, the sheer exhaustion of childbirth, “typical” male/female role, inequality in the workplace…the list goes on.

But the purpose of this post is not to debate these issues.  Rather, I simply wanted to dedicate a post to Mark while he’s still childless – and while his life is still (mostly) about him.  Word on the stree is, having a baby turns your world upside down.  I’m sure there will be nights that Mark nods off through class, or doesn’t make it at all.  Tests for which he will barely study.  Group projects that he will barely contribute to (OK, I’m getting a little harsh).  But for all the difficulties, he will be experiencing one of life’s greatest joys – to be a parent.  I haven’t known Mark long, but in the two-plus quarters I have known him, I can say that he will make a darn good father.  As far as the WPMBA + Baby = *$(*&#@ equation goes – for that, we’ll have to wait and see!

Congratulations, Mark and Lucia!

Will They Have a Boy or a Girl?!

4 thoughts on “WPMBA + Baby = *$(#*!*@”

  1. As a potential WPMBA student who has a baby, this post is completely ridiculous. If you want to congratulate your friend, go for it, but don’t project what he may or may not be like after the baby. This is especially true if you don’t have a baby and are just going based on the ‘word on the street’. Write about what you know.

    This may seem a little like a rant, but I was truly interested in what an informed opinion about WPMBA + Baby would be from a current student. Instead, I got this.

  2. I’ll step up and defend poor Sarah in light of Iam’s comments. I think the purpose of the article was meant to be humorous, and open ended for a reason. One person’s experience being a parent and enrolled in the program is NOT going to be identical to someone else. The main reason? We are all very differnet. For instance, my first would not sleep right, instead of up every four hours, he was up every two or one and a half which made for long nights.

    My daughter on the other hand, solid sleeper. Warfare outside the window would not wake this child. So to think one article will provide substantial feedback on what the experience will be like whilst being a parent is in my view, a bit of overreaching to say the least. If you are studious, organized, and serious about your MBA, you can make it work. That is what marriage is all about, and life will have it’s bumps irregardless.

    Excellent and humorous article Sarah, keep it up. And Ian, easy on the criticism next time, especially when the audience and the topic are intended to be entertaining, and not instructional.

    Good Luck to everyone, and keep at it! We all can make it!

    God Bless.


  3. ebcus – What is the audience to the WPMBA blog? This was advertised during the information session as a place to come to understand more about the WPMBA program. My frustration comes from expecting to get insight on the program (in this case what one student’s experience was with having a child during the program) and unfortunately realizing that this was not an informational post but instead was… I don’t know what.

    If this isn’t a place for information and instead is a humorous blog for WPMBA insiders, I apologize for my misunderstanding.

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