From trekking through temples to managing midterms.

This time last year, I was trekking through Thailand and Cambodia with my best friend.  We were indulging ourselves in amazing food and drink, incredible landscapes, and thoroughly interesting people.

This year I’m studying for mid-terms.

It’s really not all that dissimilar.  Instead of exploring physically, we’re exploring mentally.  We’re delving deep into the heart of operations management, marketing strategy, and understanding the importance of having a well diversified portfolio.  We take breaks — food breaks, drink breaks, breaks to brainstorm about how to contribute to Fisher Follies — and that helps to keep up motivated in our studying.  I’m quite amazed at how quickly this quarter has gone by.  It does not seem like we are half-way through, and yet here we are.

So while I’m not exploring temples, I’m easing my throbbing ones as I try to absorb all of the information delivered in our classes.  It’s amazing what a difference a year can bring.


One of the temples through which I trekked!