Weathering Winter Quarter

Ah, winter quarter, you have arrived! After spending a few weeks working as a full-time professional, spending time with the family, sleeping like a cat, and enjoying no fewer than a half-dozen social events, it’s time to get back to the school/work/no-spare-time schedule. Honestly, though, by the time I was watching the Bucks get taken down by the Gators, it was time to call it a break and snap back to reality.

Last winter quarter was probably my least favorite as an MLHR student. Sorry, professors! It was the second round of business analytics/stats, the second round of HR history/overview, and our overview of research methods. Yes, there are memorable projects from that quarter, but it is certainly the one I would vote off the island first.

So it was a pleasant surprise this week to attend two of the three classes for winter quarter (we didn’t get the third class due to the holiday), and find that the courses seem enjoyable, the professors are engaging and the weather is, meh, mildly chilly. There are already two group projects in the pipeline with what look to be two great groups of people to work with. Could this be the winter quarter that is actually enjoyable?

I’m holding my breath that the ice and snow will hold off, the enthusiasm will sustain for 10 weeks, and 2012 will be a beautiful start to the end of the graduate-school era. After all, the end is just five short months away, and picking up speed like a rolling snowball each week.