Fisher+2011= awesome

So, I have been missing in action the past month or so but accomplished much in that time.

A brief rundown of what has happened over the past quarter. I attended and worked the NSHMBA event in Anaheim with my fellow Latino Graduate Students. The event was great, fun with peers and employers, as well as interviews. Upon my return more interviews ensued followed by offers. My plan was to go back to Nationwide, the company I left to complete my MBA full time at OSU. They also gave me an offer, after reviewing my options I accepted that offer.

My recommendation to everyone going through the process is to pick the opportunity that gives you the best feeling and culture fit. After going to various companies and meeting so many people each company had a unique feel and culture. When I went into Nationwide to interview I felt so comfortable and it seemed like I was home. I also noticed that I always get along best with fellow Nationwiders and we gravitate to each other at recruiting events. I am so happy With my decision and was fortunate to get various offers and was able to meet so many people.

I accepted the offer the week of finals which worked out well as I felt. Big weight lifted from my shoulders. I was to do well on my finals and have another very successful quarter.

Make sure you anticipate the time consumption of the job or internship searches and interviews as it cuts into your time for school. Many students signed up for so many clubs or other organizations that they felt stressed and their quality of work suffered on some fronts. Pace yourself and set yourself up for success!