MIA No More…Welcome to Break!

I looked at my watch a few days ago. It was six o-clock and I was sitting in a Steak-N-Shake with my family enjoying a Wednesday night dinner thanks to a canceled piano practice. With the exception of a surly tween, it was relaxing, enjoyable and everything I had missed during the past 10 weeks of fall quarter. Suddenly, I was a mom returned to her family, and in some respects it was a little….weird. At that moment I would have normally been beginning another long night of class, learning new things and enjoying the company of people who are not my family.

I think there’s a period of adjustment at the end of every quarter. Some sort of re-introduction to your normal life. A recent feel-good news story showed a pack of Beagles who had been rescued from a research lab in Spain and sent to the U.S. Cameras rolled as they took their first tentative steps to freedom, unsure where they were, but sure that it was a good place to be.

I’ve noticed this at work too. Normally I work about 20 hours a week as an HR co-op. With the holiday, though, I’m now working closer to a full-time schedule. Each day I’m asked whether I’m coming back in tomorrow. It’s a nice feeling, I appreciate the extra time to tackle projects and earn more Christmas cash, but I’m left wondering…what happened to my holiday vacation? Where are the homemade cookies? Where are the beautifully wrapped presents? Where is all the house cleaning I had planned to tackle?

Let’s just say, I’m still adjusting to life “on the outside.” It will take a couple of weeks and before I know it–poof!–I’ll be sitting in Gerlach at 6 pm on a Wednesday night wishing it were still holiday break.