Celebrating the end of a quarter

Last Friday, we had our Autumn quarter MAcc reception at the Faculty Club. It was a wonderful evening of catching up with friends and professors! Even better than the amazing food was seeing how much we enjoy each other’s company. Professor Turner read some comments that we students submitted to him, and they all mentioned how awesome this year has been so far. At the end of the evening, we took a class picture and then pictures of various groups of students and professors. The lobby was just one big network of friends!

I cannot believe how close our class has gotten after only three months! Though we were all concerned about finals, our bigger concern seemed to be that we won’t see each other for three weeks over break. Classes and group projects brought both a lot of learning and a lot of laughter, and though I am very excited for Christmas break, I know that coming back will be easier because of everything I have to look forward to during the rest of this program!

Some of the sweetest people I know!