The Hardest Quarter

When I started writing for the Fisher Grad Life Blog ten weeks ago, in the beginning of my second quarter in the Fisher WPMBA Program, I was quite nervous about what lied ahead of me – check out my first post here.  Thursday nights at the Varsity Club had taught me that Fall Quarter was supposed to be the hardest one:  Stats and Econ.  With an Engineering background, I wasn’t particularly worried about Stats – in fact, I was kind of looking forward to it.  Call me a dork.  But Econ was another story.  I took one silly Economics course my freshman year of college, and that was the extent of my knowledge in the subject.  I knew the course required a lot of reading and comprehension, which meant that I was actually going to have to do work on my nights off and weekends.  I was nervous.

Well, now that I am just one weekend of studying and two finals away from a ONE MONTH winter break, I can say that it wasn’t all that bad.  Yes, this quarter was infinitely more time consuming than last.  I had to read and answer questions for every Econ class, write two group papers, take 3 tests (not including finals), and give a presentation.  There were many lunch breaks spent reading, many nights spent emailing my group.  But now that those ten weeks are almost behind me, I can honestly say that it really wasn’t all that bad.  I was still able to find time to tailgate, go shopping, exercise, and do *almost* all of the things that keep me sane and happy.

If truly the “hardest” quarter is almost behind me, then I know I can make it through the next ~2 years.  I’ll keep working hard – and enjoy my breaks!