Crazy Jumping Lake (aka The Mirror Lake Jump)

November 22, 2011 … the craziest night I have ever seen since I came to Columbus, left a deep impression in my mind. Finally, the last game of football was coming. There’s no doubt that this final game would be between OSU and our arch rival U of Michigan. OSU has a tradition before every annual game with Michigan, jumping into Mirror Lake. As a student, I wanted to definitely go to the lake to feel the atmosphere and OHIO spirit there.

The evening was very cold, but standing beside the lake, I could not feel coldness at all because all the people were so excited and I was totally involved in it. At first, the lake was kind of quiet. At some point, however, the lake became extremely “alive.” People continuously arrived and they jumped into the mirror lake one by one, or group by group. Shortly afterwards, the lake was just like a big pot with many dumplings in it. Some of my Chinese fellows also jumped together with domestic students. So cool! I was shouting “O-H-I-O” with all the people around. Maybe next year, I can try to jump myself! Crazy people, crazy night, crazy spirit. I love this jumping lake here!

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