End of Fall Recruiting Season

It’s not even the end of fall quarter and many MAcc students are already celebrating the end of recruiting season. Recruiting season started on the very first day of orientation, with a special reception held at the ‘Shoe (OSU’s Football Stadium) at which students had the opportunity to mix and mingle with recruiters and employees of the Big 4 public accounting firms and other regional and local companies. This event was followed by weeks of meet-and-greets, info sessions, pre-nights, first-round interviews on campus, and finally, second-round office interviews in the city where they would be working.

Throughout the first half of the quarter, students had to balance all these different recruiting events on top of a demanding course load and other extracurricular obligations. It was very important to make sure to put in enough face time to get noticed by the target companies. The first major milestones are first round interviews, which all take place within a week of each other. You know it is interview week when your peers come to class in their business suits and fidget nervously with their portfolios in preparation for the 30-minute interview with a recruiter or a partner of the firm. From there comes the sometimes-agonizing wait to hear whether or not you were selected to move on in the process with a second-round interview. Second rounds present another set of hurdles –scheduling travel arrangements to places as far as New York and San Francisco and making sure you don’t miss too much class time as a result.

Within a couple of weeks, the last of the second-round interviews will be over, and many students will go home for Thanksgiving with the knowledge that they have secured a job for next fall.  All of this recruiting finishes up just in time to spend a few relaxing days at home with family and friends, only to come back at the end of November and start studying for finals! There is always something on the horizon. For those students who were not lucky enough to land a job this fall, there will be many more opportunities in the coming months to find something that appeals to them. All of this speaks to the strength of Fisher’s recruiting program: it was one of the main reasons I chose to come to Fisher. To see just how successful MAcc students have been at landing jobs before graduating, take a look at this statistics page.

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  1. Nice piece!!! Its really amazing securing a job when you are barely half way into the MAcc program. Truly, the career management team does an excellent job!

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