Ohio State Basketball – Definitely Not Gator Bait!

One of my favorite aspects of the full-time MBA program at Ohio State is the opportunity to be included in the sports traditions of a wider community that makes up the fan base at THE Ohio State University. I’m only half kidding when I say that for any Ohio State football game, at least half of the city of Columbus is probably sitting in the stadium, parked outside the stadium grilling burgers, or attending and alternatively hosting tailgate parties in their living rooms or garages. Veteran game go-ers know better than to show up to the stadium within 1-2 hours of game day, knowing that people traffic, not traffic traffic, will deter them. It really is incredible how many people identify as being Buckeye fans!

The view from the sky deck, also known as mezzanine student section tickets.

 Yesterday was the first game for student season ticket holders and it was a great one to be part of as #3 ranked Ohio State took on the #11 ranked University of Florida Gators. The atmosphere was terrific, the game was exciting, and all in all, I think it was a great start to kicking off what should be a pretty fun season of college basketball.

Speaking of sports, this Saturday will be our last home game of the regular season and my last football game as a student. Ohio State will play Penn State, and for all the attention that these schools have been getting in the press for the past year, I’m really hoping the attention in the media will be on the game itself and showcase the players and the fans. Of course, a big win for the Buckeyes would be nice, too. I’m definitely looking forward to it!