Gandhi  said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This week, between classes and group work, I have really enjoyed finding opportunities and time to volunteer! Ohio State and Columbus have opportunities for basically any interest. Aligning with my healthcare administration goals, I volunteered at a free medical clinic, passed out magazines to patients at the James Cancer Center, and donated blood. (The blood drive is a competition against Michigan, in case saving lives and getting a snack are not motivation enough.) I love food, so I also enjoyed my time distributing meals through Meals on Wheels.

In this blog post, though,I really want to focus on the FETCH program, for which several MAcc students volunteered on Wednesday.  We went to local schools and taught 5th graders about accounting by playing a game with them. Teams had to manage revenues and expenses associated with owning a (pretend/imaginary) pet dog.  I was impressed with the kids’ strategies, business ideas, and understanding of basic financial concepts. We all had so much fun, and hopefully we helped create some future accountants!

Learning outside the classroom is a key component of a well-rounded education, and serving others helps you forget about your own stress. Having a positive attitude and willingness to help can take you to a wide variety of places. Enjoy the experiences!