The Power of Teams

It’s happened multiple times already this quarter:  I sit at home struggling through a chapter of new material, referencing slides from class, the book, my notes, or even an occasional Google search in the hopes that someone out there has created a website that simplifies the concepts.  I trudge through the questions and come up with answers that are headed in the right direction, but may or may not be accurate.

Then I meet with a group of fellow students (sometimes my core team, sometimes other classmates).  Each of us comes to the meeting thinking we don’t know what we’re doing.  It’s amazing to me what the power of a team can do when united.  We may each come with absolutely no idea of how to solve a specific problem, but amazingly, as a group, we are able to solve the problem and understand the material.

This behavior reinforces the power of teams.  And business school is all about teaching you how to work in teams; from creating those teams for you and expecting you to perform together, to using tools to analyze your effectiveness as a part of a team and as a group unit.  This makes sense – the business world is filled with necessary teamwork.  And for the most part, it produces better results.  To quote our econ professor “5+ smart people working together will turn in good work.”

Since b-school is heavily focused on teamwork and producing work with team members, this is a very compelling reason to visit schools, sit in on classes, and talk to students!  Develop an idea of the kind of people that you will be working with during school – because those people are going to become a big part of your life and your academic career.

Fisher, in my opinion, happens to be home to some great people to have on your team.

Studying for our accounting midterm!