Interestingly Different

You must be kidding me! My brain has thought more of these words than any other word since I arrived in the United States.  Sure you would say the same by the time you read through this blog. There are some really amazing differences between the American and Ghanaian culture which I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

  Wait a minute! Is this for lunch? With the Ghanaian mentality of lunch being more of rice dishes, I had a rude awaking when I decided to go to a function where lunch was to be provided on an empty stomach.  To my utter surprise, I had a “snack” for lunch! Most Ghanaians eat pizza as a snack but never as a meal. Surprising isn’t it? This is variety # 1.

Where can i have goat meat in the US? In fact, where are all the goats? Every restaurant or food vendor in GH is sure to serve “goat meat” (as it is affectionately called in Ghana). It is a delicacy in most homes. Goats are even reared by some individuals in their homes and seen all most everywhere in the country. See how beautifully someone dressed his/her goat in the colors of the national flag! Coming over to the states, I had and still have one question: Where is the “goat meat”.

Also, I have been thinking. Do I have to pay for every single space my car occupies? I can’t remember ever paying for parking anywhere on campus or at most banks, shops and restaurants, etc. Almost all commercial establishments have free parking available for customers.  However, the sight of the parking meters and the sound of coins being dropped into them lets me know without doubt that I am in the United States.

It’s wonderful biking to class here but try riding a bicycle on a Ghanaian university campus. Every eye would stare at you as if you’ve committed the greatest crime ever. Legs are preferred to the two wheeled machine; no kidding! You have 4 options:  Walk, Run, Drive, or use the University Shuttle Service. We will end it here with difference # 4.

Now! To honor the rich diversity at Fisher, I will be glad to share a bar of premium Ghanaian Chocolate with anymore who is able to answer all the questions that follow accurately before viewing the answers. Here we go!!! (Try it under a minute)

  1. If an electric train travels from East to West, in which direction will the smoke travel?
  2. How long have you been walking under the sun?
  3. A little boy was rushed to the hospital after being involved in an accident. At the hospital, the doctor shouted; “Oh my son!” The doctor was not the father of the boy. How would you explain it?
  4. When a cock lays an egg between the US and Canada, which country will own the egg?
  5. Two fathers and two sons went out for dinner. They were served three pieces of pizza. Each had one. Explain.

We all got a lot to learn from each other as we prepare for the global world. Diversity as encouraged by the College affords us the opportunity to be present on each continent whiles in the US.  My free advice: Take very good advantage of it.

 “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” –  Malcom X


  1. Electric trains don’t produce smoke.
  2. It simply means. What’s your age?
  3. Doctor was the mother.
  4. Cocks don’t lay eggs
  5. It was a Grandfather, father and a son (grandfather is the FATHER of the father thus the father being the SON; then the last two -FATHER and the SON)

Author: Nii Ankrah

I was born in Accra, Ghana on April 6th, 1987. I lived in Accra most of the days of my life till i moved to the USA to further my studies in August 2011 at the age of 24. I had my high school education in Pope John Senior High School and Junior Seminary, Ghana (2002-2005). I then undertook my undergraduate studies (Bsc. Administration - Accounting Option) at the University of Ghana Business School (2006-2010). Moving on to PwC-Ghana, i worked as an audit trainee for a year after which i enrolled in Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business to pursue a Masters degree in Accounting (MAcc). My objective is to build a career in forensic accounting. I will be joining Ernst and Young's fraud investigation and dispute services department (Cleveland office) in Fall 2012.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective and adding some fun brain-teasers! Your post is very thought-provoking!

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