Fridays at Fisher

Some of you prospective MBA students may have noticed that at Fisher, we generally only have classes Monday through Thursday. That leaves Friday for something special almost every week here. I’m going to tell you about a few memorable Fridays I’ve had here this quarter.


Career Bootcamps are by far the best way to learn about a new industry you might be interested in, or to network with experts from a job function you aspire towards. I particularly enjoyed the Operations & Logistics Bootcamp, where we met with alumni and professionals from the industry. Greif’s airplane game was the most popular event, with teams of Fisher students racing the clock to be the most efficient paper airplane assembly line. It was loads of fun and amazingly insightful. My advice: attend all the bootcamps – you never know what will pique your interest.

Don't worry - they're nothing like this!

Fisher Community Service Day:

Fisher students are always looking to give back to the  Columbus community – and on this day, a whole bunch of us go out to volunteer at various locations. I spent my day packaging personal supplies for soldiers at an army base, and then inspecting and cleaning foodstuff for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. We had a great time and it felt so good to be contributing to the welfare of the Columbus family.

Mid-Ohio Food Bank


OLMA (Operations & Logistics Management Association) members had the amazing opportunity to visit the NetJets base at CMH airport. We were greeted by a Fisher alumnus who works there and were treated to an exhaustive tour of the operations. The highlight of the day was getting to walk through one of the luxurious private jets that the company has to offer.


Jeffersonville Outlet Mall:

On Veterans Day, a group of international students were treated to a day out to Jeffersonville’s outlet mall, where big brands sell their goods at ridiculously low prices. After an exhausting few hours of running around with plastic bags, we all returned with revamped wardrobes and lighter wallets!

Jeffersonville - Tanger Outlets



These are just a few of the many opportunities you will be provided with during your time at Fisher. This is apart from the hundreds of other events that the Ohio State University has to offer, so it really is up to you to make the utmost of the variety here.

As the philosopher Rebecca Black once said, “Gotta get down on Friday!”

Fun fun fun fun!