Buddy Dinner

We’ve officially turned the page to November and half the quarter is over. As always, I’m left wondering where it went…and where my blog entries went too! For any future students, know that autumn quarter (next year – autumn semester) is not only the longest, but it is also filled with welcome-back activities, football games, fall festivals, group meetings and all the intricacies of grad school.

On October 22 the Graduate Human Resources Association hosted its first Buddy Dinner of the year at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill. About 40 of us gathered to meet, eat and relax before a frazzling week of midterms. It was also our first chance to meet our “buddies.” Each year, GHRA first-year students have the option of pairing up with a second-year buddy. I’m not part of the match-making process, but it seems that we are paired up based on common interests, backgrounds, etc.

Unfortunately, my buddy never materialized last year. I think she was too busy to be a buddy, which is understandable. This year I vowed to be a better buddy to a first-year student.

As everyone settled into the restaurant we moved around to sit near our buddies and learn more about them. I was happy to be paired with Mary, a nontraditional first-year student who works full time. I suspect we were paired because of Mary’s nontraditional status and our mutual backgrounds from farming communities. Although I was not raised on a farm, as Mary was, we always had farm animals. I’m not sure another person at the dinner could have named a hog breed, much less had the same (Duroc) growing up! It’s going to be a good match, I think.

The GHRA is busy planning other events for this quarter, including a round table discussion, service events and plenty of social activities. Behind the scenes, buddies will be emailing or getting together to discuss favorite professors and exam expectations. It’s part of that flurry of fall-quarter activity that makes the return to classes just a little bit sweeter.