Relaxing After Midterm Exams: Excited, Engaged, Refreshed

I worked a lot during midterm exams since examinations are always a source of big pressure for me. But as an old Chinese saying goes, “Good things will be waiting for you in the corner of your suffering.”  I had a really exciting weekend in Columbus after all the midterm exams.


On Thursday’s evening, my friend, Zai, and I went to AMC cinema to watch new movies. AMC is a palace-like cinema, having 23 gorgeous movie stadiums. The seats there are very comfortable so that you won’t feel tired after a whole movie. We watched three movies all together— Foot Loose, a story about how a group of teenagers in a small town pursue their right to free public dance; The Lion King, a classic carton about growth which recall my good memory of my happy childhood; and Jonny English Reborn, a comedy about spy which let me forget all my worries, at least temporarily. I always think that watching movie in a cinema is a big difference than watching in front of computer or TV. The big screen and the sound effect can easily drag you into the movie, making you think what characters think, feel what they feel.

Homecoming Parade—Engaged                                      

Last Friday was the party day for Halloween. However, I didn’t choose to attend  a party. Instead, my best friend and walked along High Street to watch Ohio State’s Homecoming Parade for last Saturday’s football game. I was totally impressed by people’s love of the Buckeyes. Many parents even brought their little children to take part in the parade. We waved back to people who were in the parade and they screamed back to us at the same time. This is the first time that I really feel being *really* close with OSU football and being a part of the whole Buckeye family. Although we walked in the dark cold wind, we still felt happy and engaged. Sometimes, if you can just go out of your own home and your comfort zone, you will have some really memorable and cherished (not to mention different) experiences of life.


In China, a very popular get-together activity is singing karaoke. But, we haven’t had time or opportunities to sing songs together since we always had different things to do before midterm exams. To reward our hard work, we decided to go to Momo near campus to sing songs  Saturday evening. For someone who is familiar with the environment and facilities of typical Chinese karaoke, s/he cannot imagine what the karaoke is like at Momo. Small room, simple voice box and rather outdated Chinese songs cannot begin to describe Momo’s karaoke condition. You must think that I want to complain about the poor condition of Momo’s karaoke. You are wrong! I just want to do a quick contrast. Even in this condition, and although this karaoke room is far more simple and crude than karaoke rooms in China, we spent the happiest time together since we came to Columbus! It seemed that we relieved all the pressures off our shoulders by simply singing some songs. After that night, I know that people need to refresh themselves periodically to keep working well. So I should learn how to give myself some rest and take some time off, regardless of how busy I get.