Two Deans in One Week!

Over the course of the past week, I had lunch with Associate Dean of the MBA Program, Dean Wruck, and I also had a meeting with the  Dean of Fisher College of Business, Dean Poon.  That may sound stressful – like being called into the principal’s office.   I can assure you it was anything but!  Both meetings were supportive, helpful, and encouraging; and I left each one excited to enact some of the new ideas that the Deans and I had concocted.  I can’t imagine that there are many other MBA programs that give you the close access to faculty that you will receive at the Fisher College of Business.

With a student-faculty ration of 3-1, the events of my past week are not uncommon.  Whether you are seeking advice from a dean, academic support from a professor, or just the opportunity to chat with a distinguished academic, you will find those opportunities easy to navigate at Fisher.  The faculty are not just available to you – they are eager to offer their support and encouragement.  This is such an important part of the reason that I chose Fisher, and I’m realizing it to be even more beneficial that I originally thought.

It’s yet another item on the checklist to be aware of as you go on campus visits and informational tours, meet faculty, and think about your move into B-school.  A small, intimate program with a focus on developing the individual is how Fisher describes itself.  And I’m here to confirm how true that is.

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