Do it all … or nothing at all

This year I have decided to get involved as much as possible, and I’m losing some sleep for it. Currently I’m involved in the following:

  1. Continuing my internship at Cardinal Health
  2. President of GHRA
  3. Delegate – Council of Graduate Students
  4. Senator – University Senate
  5. Member – The Ohio Union Council
For me this essentially means 3 things 1.) Sleep is awesome 2.) I have to stay organized & 3.) I have an absurdly long e-mail signature. All joking aside, for me staying busy is what I prefer, and it has helped me grow and develop along the way. While I can talk about all the different areas, for this blog I will focus on my time at Cardinal Health.

This summer I interned at Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio. This was the best thing for me. The people there are great, I had a fanatic manager, it was fast-paced, challenging, rewarding, and was made up of people who like to win. This was the perfect place for me. While there, I work as an HR generalist supporting Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain. This is a long way of saying I worked with the parts of our business that were in other countries. It was great to work with an international team, and certainly was a learning experience.  I even go to travel around the country a little bit. Below is a picture of me doing some of the daily stretches with employees in our plan in Waukegan, Il.

As the summer came to an end, I was approached by my manager informing me that there was opportunity to stay on-board during the school year. I jumped at the opportunity. I couldn’t be more excited to stay on-board with the co-workers, team, and friends that I made this summer. I would be lying if I said its not a challenge to balance work, all of the above, school, my girlfriend, friends and family. However, I can say it has been one of the best times of my life. I’m busy, contributing to society, and so far keeping my girlfriend happy. Plus whenever I feel tired, I just think of the people in my program who have kids – hats off to you all.

So, what has this taught me? Well it’s still early on, but there are some clear takeaways.

  1. If you’re not having fun in anything that you’re volunteering to to – quit. I’m lucky that I still enjoy everything very much
  2. Treat work like a full-on-land-assault. Go as hard as you can till you know everything
  3. Take times to get away from it all. I have phone blackouts, no email, no texting, no twitter
  4. Laugh everyday – If I didn’t laugh everyday I’d lose my mind
  5. Mind your actions – People will remember what you do. If you make a promise keep it, and lead by example
  6. Don’t get in a pissing contest with a skunk – Don’t set your self up to do something that you know you will lose. Knowing your limits is key
More to come, but I’m about to go into step 3 so it’s difficult to blog with no electronic device.
Till next time, enjoy yourself.

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