So You Like Accounting – and Finance, and HR, and Logistics, and…

So far, I have only one complaint with Fisher and the MAcc Program:  There are far too many interesting classes that I want to take, and I know I won’t have time to take them all!

One of the best things about the MAcc program is the flexibility it gives you.  You need 23 credit hours in accounting (which is about 50% of the total degree credit hours minimum), but after that you can take classes in any discipline you want … finance, management, HR, logistics, marketing, economics, and if you really want to, even math.  Out of the 45 total required hours, that’s a lot of freedom and flexibility!


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You can probably guess that I love accounting, since I’m in the MAcc program and all.  I mentioned deciding on classes is tough because of how many disciplines you can take, but its also tough because there are so many fantastic accounting classes offered!  Luckily, the GPO (Graduate Programs Office) hosted the MAcc Winter Quarter Electives Session for us.  Any interested MAcc student was able to meet for pizza during our lunch break and listen to a few of the professors that are teaching classes next quarter talk about their class.  It really helped me get a feel for which courses I would find most interesting, and gave me a chance to meet my future professors before sitting in on their class.

In the end, I was able to pick some classes.  I’ll be taking a few accounting classes, but will also take a course on Entrepreneurial Finance.  It sounds really interesting, and the GPO was actually able to put me in contact with a student that took the course last year.  This allowed me to ask any questions I had, and I was able to make sure that the course will have everything I want in it!