Building Your Personal Brand

One of the really great parts of the Fisher curriculum is the required seminars by the office of Leadership and Professional Development. Their programs are designed to provide additional tools to help you develop your skills outside the classroom.

Today we finished the second session of the Personal Branding Workshop. The workshop is described:

In today’s competitive climate, it is important to distinguish yourself as a unique professional in order to resonate and leave a lasting impression with potential employers and your professional peers. The Personal Branding Workshops will introduce tools to help you develop your personal brand so you can clearly communicate who you are and stand out from your competition.

In the fist session, Professor Michael Bills was introduced to us. Among other things, Professor Bills teaches Innovation at Fisher and has extensive experience in brand positioning. He walked us through a branding model for a company, for the Fisher College of Business and for himself to show the application of branding on several levels. As he said in the lecture, “a personal brand positioning should emphasize what makes you unique and special, not what makes you the norm.”

A Personal Brand consists of:

  1. Your Beliefs
  2. Your Mission Statement
  3. Your Personality Traits
  4. Your Brand Statement

Branding yourself is a very introspective process. After the first session, we were tasked to come up with three to six personality traits that we thought described us in that unique and special way. I found this to be very difficult. You really have to look hard at yourself to figure out who you are and what you believe in, in a way that can be used to promote your unique self.

In today’s second session, it was Dean Karen Wruck‘s turn to share her personal brand with us, and it was nice to find out that we weren’t the only ones who found this exercise difficult! Afterward, Professor Bills led an interactive session in which many students shared their brands with the class and we discussed many things like the value of $5 words, choosing complimentary personality traits and ensuring your brand reflects your passion.

Overall I found the workshop to be a valuable tool to help me develop the “Story of Jen Barlette” that I will be able to share during interviews and to lay a foundation for understanding what I am really looking for after my time at Fisher.