What I would have done differently to prep for the GMAT

I am unable to boast of a high GMAT score but I am well positioned to offer some advice on how to make the most out of the exam.

Many worry about getting high scores but spend little time preparing for it: Sadly enough, that was my mistake!

Let me walk you through my mistakes. If you learn from my experience a stepping stone to a very high score awaits you.

Wrong Timing

 I decided to take the exam in my final semester whiles pursuing my undergraduate degree. I had a dissertation to complete and other requirements to fulfill as a senior. In spite of all these pressures, I thought I could pull a fast one by sitting for the GMAT as well. This adversely affected the number of hours committed to study and thus my preparation as a whole.  My advice: Do it when you know you can make enough time to study. It is critical!

Don’t rush

Prepare adequately.  That’s my simple advice. I committed little time and effort as I prepared for the exam. I had to take it quickly and get it out of the way so I could concentrate on my academics. I used barely 2 weeks to prepare; I just don’t know what I was thinking. You can tell I wasn’t being realistic, right? But sadly enough, many of us make the same mistake.

Be true to yourself

Know thy self and be true to yourself.  I need to read to get things right unlike others who may not even need to read at all. Just know your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses. Develop your own personal approach. Review various websites, course preps, blogs… and you will be amazed by the amount of information out there. Commit enough time to do your research before you buy any course material. Everyone is different and thus will need a different approach.

  Easy but not easy

It may look very easy when you start reading the books but from my perspective, don’t under estimate the exam. It is involved and you will need to prepare very intensely no matter how easy it looks. It takes approximately 4 hours to actually sit for the exam (including short breaks). Make sure you practice sitting and engaging your brain actively for 4 hours before exam day.  I know I made silly mistakes because I was exhausted after 3 hours. You can do better!!!

Update your knowledge about the exam and its structure.

The next generation GMAT is scheduled to take be administered from June 2012. Here is the current structure of the exam. Read more about the exam from links provided at the end of the post.

What’s your plan?

If you really want to get into that business school you have always wanted; if you want to be proud about your score; if you want to be as happy as a chick that comes out from an egg shell then study hard!!!

Discipline, commitment and hard-work will get you this:

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Author: Nii Ankrah

I was born in Accra, Ghana on April 6th, 1987. I lived in Accra most of the days of my life till i moved to the USA to further my studies in August 2011 at the age of 24. I had my high school education in Pope John Senior High School and Junior Seminary, Ghana (2002-2005). I then undertook my undergraduate studies (Bsc. Administration - Accounting Option) at the University of Ghana Business School (2006-2010). Moving on to PwC-Ghana, i worked as an audit trainee for a year after which i enrolled in Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business to pursue a Masters degree in Accounting (MAcc). My objective is to build a career in forensic accounting. I will be joining Ernst and Young's fraud investigation and dispute services department (Cleveland office) in Fall 2012.