Integration: A key to better learning

This week I have experienced an awesome connection between various classes. Not only is this a sign of a well-rounded education, but it also shows I am learning useful things! Here are some examples:

  • My logistics elective helped me answer an accounting question relating to inventory costs
  • Two of my classes studied various aspects of FedEx’s strategy. It pays to have a good strategy in several subject areas.
  • Two classes analyzed the business of cell phones (one from a policy standpoint and another from an overall strategy standpoint).
  • One homework assignment mentioned the Cola Wars between Coke and Pepsi, which I had learned about last year.
  • The research workshop speaker this week is going to talk about transfer pricing, which I am learning about in one of my classes.

The lessons I have learned are not repetitive at all! They are supplemental and work together to help me apply overall business concepts in real-world situations. I have noticed that my business friends and I have a different perspective in some situations, thanks to our educational background. I recommend looking for ways to tie together lessons from various subject areas. Classes will be more interesting, and you will probably learn more – happy integrating!

2 thoughts on “Integration: A key to better learning”

  1. I totally agree with you! Sometimes I feel so good to find connections between different subjects, even outside business. That “Aha” moment! Just as Steve Jobs had said, “connecting those dots”. 🙂

  2. It becomes more interesting when you are able to connect stuff you learn’t in a totally different culture to what you learn here in the US. Truly amazing!!!

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