Welcome, Welkom, Bienvenue, Willkommen


All are welcome at the Fisher College of Business!

One of the great things about being a student at the Fisher College of Business is the opportunity to learn about new cultures and different types of people. A very diverse group of students, staff and faculty make up the Fisher community and it is this diversity of people that enriches my educational and social experience.

Beyond working with classmates from around the world, I was able to actually experience new cultures through events hosted at Fisher last year. For example, the Diwali Dinner and UTSAV were two awesome events put on by the Fisher Indian Students Association (FISA). At these events I was able to learn more about Indian customs, food and dress! Also, the Chinese Business Professional Association (CBPA) hosted a Chinese New Year event that included a traditional Chinese food feast and fashion show. I think the best part of these types of events (besides the great food) is the fact that my classmates were able to teach me about their cultures in a fun and open way. What’s also great is that there are many different events like these going on all year, and hosted by many different Fisher students organizations (over 30 of them). AND we get the opportunity to spend this time with Fisher grad students outside the MLHR program!

My diverse friends and new experiences as a Fisher grad student are ones that will last a lifetime!