Around the World in One Small Program

I was really looking forward to meeting all kinds of people in the MAcc program.  Reading about the program on Fisher’s website indicated that I would be working not only with students from all over the US, but all over the world.  While I definitely got these experiences to an extent in undergrad, I knew the experiences would have a much larger impact as a graduate student.  (Check out this link to see more information on our diversity)

I participated in the Fisher Connections program, so I did meet an international student right away.  By communicating through email, I was able to help this student get a feel for Columbus before he got here, and more importantly, give him some tips about OSU (e.g. ordering textbooks, etc).  Then during orientation I was introduced to so many more diverse backgrounds – and I don’t just mean geographic location anymore.

I think the most fascinating aspect of the MAcc program so far has been that we do have students from all over the world, but even the students I’ve met that studied at OSU for their undergraduate degrees, making them just like me, contribute just as much to our diversity.  Each of us has a different way of thinking about the problems we face in class, which makes classroom discussions and problem sets incredibly fascinating.  There are so many creative solutions flying around that you forget there’s only a handful of people in the room.

Thinking about these creative solutions made me realize what I wanted to write about this week: MAcc council elections.  We recently elected our President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair.  These four individuals will be responsible for ensuring that we MAcc students get the most that we possibly can out of our year here.  They will help us bond with one another, learn from outside speakers, and give back to our community.

There were numerous candidates for the four positions, and I can honestly say each and everyone candidate was more than qualified.  During their candidacy speeches, we were given the opportunity to listen to their fantastic thoughts and plans for creating an incredible year.  I was so fascinated by the diversity of ideas, and by how different each candidate’s background was!  Everything I had heard and read about the diversity of the MAcc program came true in that short hour of speeches.

In the end, only four officers were elected and I know that they will do a fantastic job.  Like I said earlier, every candidate would have been incredibly successful and I am sure will continue to contribute their great ideas in other ways.

So – the MAcc program here is a great way to meet all kinds of people.  You will be introduced to those that think the opposite of what you are thinking, those that are from the other side of the world, and even those that could almost be your twin.  You will be given the opportunity to work with these individuals and learn from them.  You will be given opportunities to lead teams of these students and there will be times you will follow.  Most importantly, you will develop relationships with a variety of people, not only making your year in the program a ton of fun, but helping your professional network expand.