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This week I’ve been thinking about the importance of the locations in which I spend my time.  This is in part due to the fact that I made a trip home to Canton for the weekend, but it is also a result of spending a lot of time in the business school. Some of my friends and I joke that we live in the Fisher complex, but don’t worry, that is more our choice than it is a necessity!

I was at Fisher from 9 am to 10 pm one day this week, but it was honestly not until I left that I realized I had not left the premises at all earlier in the day. Though I easily could have gone home during my four-hour break between class and a group meeting, I decided I would rather spend my time in the newly renovated Mason Hall (You can read about the renovations here). I love the group study rooms (which my awesome teammates and I reserve frequently) and the individual study desks there.  As a result, I am able to be more productive during the day and have more time to hang out with friends in the evening. That definitely leads to better work-life balance! My tip is to find a place where you really like to study, schedule ample time there, and focus for a few hours. You’ll appreciate it later.

With the opening of Rohr Café, Fisher seems to have everything you need. I did mention once that I could use a blue post office mailbox on-site, but my friend reminded me that we have to depend on the rest of the university for SOMETHING! 🙂 There are of course many opportunities available at Ohio State as a whole, and I do use the rest of the campus to study, work out, etc. Being part of Fisher gives you both a business community AND a broader campus community.

One of my friends asked if I ever get tired of being at the business school, and I could honestly answer “no”- even after three years of undergrad study here! The wonderful people and facilities make it feel like a home away from home. Everyone contributes experiences from their homes (whether those be off-campus homes, undergraduate college homes, childhood homes, or home countries) and in turn creates a new Fisher home.

The experiences I have had at Fisher will forever make it a special place. To drive home this point, here is one last anecdote: Someone new to Fisher stated that the classroom’s lighting that afternoon was sort of strange (a combination of sunlight, lights, and a PowerPoint presentation), and I instantly wanted to defend the room. I find Fisher to be nearly ideal and am proud to make it my home away from home!

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