Unexpected movie theater “find” in Cbus

This is our first post so we are not going to jump right into the whole how things are going in class so far post just yet. There will be plenty of time for that over the course of this year. We’re easing into that. Right now we are just enjoying being together in the same city again.

Instead, we want to write a brief post about a pretty cool movie theater we went to on Friday night. It’s called “The Movie Tavern at Mill Run” and it has two GREAT features that make it the place we will go see movies while here in Columbus. The first is that it serves food and – wait for it – BEER, to you at your seats. It is one of those wonderful places that took out every other row of seating and put in bench tables to eat on. Can’t beat food and beer while watching movies on an honest-to-goodness movie screen.

The second reason this place is a must go is that on Thursdays and Tuesday of the following week they play great older movies. This past Thursday and tomorrow (Tues – 10/4/11) they are playing The Big Lebowski and this Thursday and next Tuesday is The Princess Bride. Two classics back in the theater and they bring you beer. Seriously? We are officially hooked and will return. Here’s a link to the retro-nights: http://movietavern.com/retro-millrun/

It’s these little things that make moving to a new place fun …

Author: Jen and Joe Barlette

Jen and I have been married for a bit over 4 years and together for almost 10 years and we are both first years in the FTMBA program. I spent the last three years living away while attending law school. I have undergraduate degrees in finance and economics from SUNY at Fredonia and an MS in Economics from Texas A&M University. At this point my interests are investment banking / venture capital / private equity and consulting.