Don’t be on time for parties!

Hear no evil, speak no evil – and you’ll never be invited to a party ~ Oscar Wilde

Before coming to the U.S., one thing always drilled into our minds was that one should be punctual, be respectful of people’s time and never be late for an appointment. I quickly learned there is one big exception –  don’t be on time for parties!

Such was my experience with the first mingling/mixer party I had at Fisher – the one with all Fisher graduate students, MBAs, MAccs, MLHRs, SMFs, MBLEs and etc. Being new to the town, I’ve been behaving a hundred percent according to the expected protocol. I arrived at the party right on time. Not really a problem, except that nobody was there except the event organizers who were busy with setting up the table and food. It was a bit awkward for a moment. At times like this, it’s really up to you to decide whether to dig a hole to hide and be ashamed of yourself or be bold and approach the “working ants” out there. I did the latter 🙂

Another quick tip is that parties here are usually very casual with a theme or without. For those from Asia, don’t expect a party to be one of our super organized affairs, with dancers and singers or mini group games. Mostly all you have to do is introduce yourself and have a nice conversation. Or if you are a big fan of pizza and coke, you can simply enjoy the food and drink and be what they call a “wallflower”.

I highly recommend newbies to come to all sorts of parties that are going on on campus, especially those organized by Fisher students. It’s a perfect chance to meet senior students from the same program and ask about their experiences at Fisher – what classes were most useful, which professors most engaging, which events/groups would be most likely to help make the contacts needed to launch a successful career – all of which will help you to better understand what to expect with the life at Fisher for the next one or two years and make it the best experience it can be.

As I’m finishing up my blog right now, I have a eight o’clock party that I’m going to attend tonight which was organized by GHRA. I’ll tell you what is GHRA and talk about other awesome student organizations that I’m involved with next time.

Now it’s eight twenty five. Thirty minutes’ late should be a decent rule, don’t you think? After all, if everyone waits too long to arrive, the organizers may despair and cancel the event. Off I go. See ya next time!