Back in the day, as the saying goes, if we were assigned a project in class, for the most part, we had little say in the topic.  If we did have a choice, we were still often encouraged to pick something we “liked” or something that would teach the class a new concept.  Already, in two of our core classes, we have been told to pick something for our projects that we are “passionate” about.

It seems to me that business school is all about passion.  You have to have a passion to return to business school that helps to substantiate the cost (and opportunity cost) of attending.  Perhaps you are coming to business school because you are passionate about a certain career track and an MBA will help you get there.  If not, then you spend a great deal of time with career services trying to determine what it is you’re passionate about – so that you can focus on that track.  You’re encouraged to join clubs and organizations for which you have a passion that will help round out your B-school experience.  And if you’re not passionate about something, you really don’t have time to waste on it, because the things that you are passionate about will take up all of your time.

So my advice to prospective students: apply with passion!  Write your essays on something that really lights a fire in your belly.  Come to your interviews prepared to passionately tell your story.  That passion will set you apart from all of the other candidates.  It’s hard to forget a candidate who is passionate about coming to THE Ohio State University!

In addition to that…you might want to make sure you have at least a marginal passion for football.  Of course, if you don’t, you’ll develop one pretty quickly.  As you can see, even Einstein is a fan!


Go Bucks!