OSU MAcc Program: Non-Accounting Majors Welcome

When I first applied for the Master of Accounting program last fall, I had only ever taken one accounting class in my entire life. Many graduate accounting programs require multiple prerequisites for entry, so if you are a non-accounting major like myself, it is often difficult to gain access to some of the most selective programs. Ohio State offers a unique 3-week intensive program called the Pre-MAcc Seminar  that allows people to take three intermediate accounting courses in three weeks, thus satisfying most of the prerequisites for the MAcc program. If that sounds intense, that’s because it was – we met for eight hours a day, with lectures in the morning and TA sessions in the afternoon.  We even had to come to class on Saturdays, twice during the preseason football games! (*I have been told that future students will not have to suffer this injustice, because the program will be held a few weeks earlier next year, since OSU is changing from quarters to semesters.*)

In just thirteen classes, we covered a year’s worth of intermediate accounting. You may be saying to yourself “it’s not possible to learn a year’s worth of accounting in that amount of time” but it really wasn’t so bad. Sure, we were living, sleeping, and breathing accounting, but in the end we all surprised ourselves with how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. But really, there was no question about whether or not we would make it. We all came into the Pre-MAcc with a great passion for accounting, and we knew that we would have to work hard in order to make it through to the MAcc program. Many of my colleagues in the MAcc program have said they wished they had done the Pre-MAcc just as a refresher. I highly recommend it, whether it be as a reminder of what you have learned for the past four years, or a crash course in your future, the Pre-MAcc seminar is a rewarding experience that more than prepares you for the transition to grad school and the MAcc program. More information about this past year’s program can be found here.