Hello, my name is …

You will learn that I love pets!

Clearly, the author of this blog is the human on the right! My name is Stacey Myers and over the next academic year I will attempt to inform and entertain you about my life as a student at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

Here is a quick rundown of my educational background:

  • Graduated from Ohio State in 2010, BS in Business Administration, Specialization: HR
  • Completed first year in the Master of Labor and Human Resources (MLHR) program
  • Just returned to Fisher from my AWESOME HR internship at Cardinal Health in Dublin, OH

I want to say how valuable my experience in the MLHR program has been. I enjoyed my time as an undergraduate student; however I truly feel that my understanding and passion for Human Resources has grown exponentially since I began classes in the MLHR program last September. In addition, the close-knit nature of my classmates has made the program FUN! Our class has become a family, and I am so glad to be back at school so I can see my friends who have spent the last three months at internships all across the United States.

Throughout the year I will certainly talk to you more about my life, in and out of Fisher, but for now I will give you a few more highlights.

Although being a grad student in the MLHR program, and working as a Graduate Assistant for MLHR Recruiting and Admissions takes up a good deal of my time, here are the hobbies that balance my life:

  • Reading! (Not necessarily textbooks, though)
  • Baking and learning to cook
  • Spending time with my husband of three weeks, and kitten of 6 months
  • Exploring the fantastic city of Columbus, OH
  • Heading the Community Service committee for the Graduate Human Resources Association (GHRA) at Fisher

I will certainly talk about all of these things throughout the year and how they relate to my experience as grad student at the Fisher College of Business – so keep checking back!

Stacey out.

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