Returning to academic life…with a little help from Einstein.

I’ve completed week one of classes, and I’ve noticed that while grad school invokes memories of my undergrad experience, it is, in fact, quite different. First of all, I seem to have developed a case of adult-onset ADD, most likely from the years of working in a “multitasking” environment.  My mother would probably laugh at that and insist that I’ve always had a short attention span, but it definitely seems to have gotten worse.   I have some tricks to deal with it.  Coffee breaks, checking email, and logging on to LinkedIn to work on networking all help break up the studying a bit.  The second thing that’s different this time around is that instead of living a carefree life in the dorm, I’m actually responsible for running a household.  Remembering to pay bills, cleaning when necessary, and cooking (well – microwaving) all need to be done and all consume time.  It’s something to consider, prospective students, as you are deciding what program you’ll be pursuing.

Helping me transition back into a life of academics is my study buddy, Einstein.  There is something truly comforting about having a furry little body curled up in my lap while I’m analyzing financial statements.   He seems to be a more effective vice than what I turned to in college; the benefits of late night pizza and coffee are short lived.

It’s that time of year to start those MBA school applications.  So as you think about returning to a life of studying, tests, reading, and professor office hours, start to think about how you’ll make the transition.  Ask yourself what sort of lifestyle you would like to have during school.  Start getting yourself into the habit of sitting for long periods of time for reading and analyzing.  And I recommend buying all of the luxuries that you will need to get you through school while you’re still making money (ex. designer shoes or exotic travel).  And then you will easily transition back to student life and be able to truly enjoy your MBA experience.

And if it interests you, I highly recommend a lap dog.

Einstein helping me take notes



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