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This is my first time to write a blog after I came to America, and I want to take this time to thank people who generously helped me, a newcomer, to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. It’s their help that got me well prepared for the coming school year. Even though I can figure out how to manage all the things by myself, their help shortened the time that I needed for settling down. At the same time, I’m writing this blog to let you, who may hesitate to come to a strange nation to study, know that you really don’t need to worry about living here on your own, because people here are always kind and ready to help.

Airport pickup

Can you imagine how difficult it is for a girl with two huge suitcases, a big suitcase and a heavy backpack arrive at a strange airport at midnight for the first time ever? My host family in Columbus helped me to get through this trouble. Mr. Teng, the master of my host family, came to the airport at 10:30pm to pick another girl and me and drove us to his home. How welcoming it is to see people waiting for you after a long journey! Incidentally, one of my suitcases was lost in Chicago, the transfer city. Luckily, my host family who helped me sign a form and got my suitcase back. I cannot say too many thanks to them.


My host family gave us up to four days accommodation. Actually, if you have no apartment to live, they will adopt you as long as you find your own house. My host family has a two-story beautiful house with a parking garage and a golf course behind the house. I live there for 3 days and it’s really convenient for newcomers as me. Because the apartment I rent has no furniture in it, I have to buy bed, table, chair and all kinds of articles for daily use before moving in. My host family gave the convenience to buy necessaries in advance. So I wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor to wait for my bed.



My host family was so generous to provide us meals everyday when we lived in their home. To our pleasure, we can even enjoy Chinese food in their home with them. We really had a good time together when chatting at the dinner table.


Columbus is so big that it’s difficult for new comers without cars to travel around. Fortunately, we have our warm-hearted host family. Mr. Teng took us to a factory store to buy mattress and box. And he introduced all kinds of supermarkets in Columbus, which helps me a lot to get familiar with life here as soon as possible. And Mrs. Teng even took us to Easton Town to buy clothes in Victoria’s Secret. What’s more, I got the information on the furniture from the internet. And Mr. Teng drove me there to see the furniture in person, so I can get what I like the most.

You maybe wonder where you can find such a nice and hospitable host family. Then go to have a look at fantastic IFI (International Friendship Inc.).

All the favors my host family provided me were a good preparation for the coming year. Unlike most other programs in Fisher College, our SMF program is a rigorous nine-month intensive program. So we started our pre-term just after a series of orientations on September 7. And other socializing activities, team-building activities, welcome party organization fair, bootcamps and so on arrived in quick succession. Although all these things will make me overwhelmed, experiencing all these activities means a lot to me. They are eye-opener and help me to understand life here. I think it’s rewarding to study here, to be a Buckeye! This experience will enrich my life. I’m ready to face the coming opportunities and challenges and immerse myself in life here.

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