Back to the Books, Back to the Blog

It’s been about three months since I last sat at the computer, wondering what I should blog about next. And since that time, there have been a few highlights along the way. Here’s a short sampling:

1. I went from a first year MLHR student to a second year. For anyone who has crossed over into the second year, this is a wonderful feeling. You now know most of the elephant has been eaten, and you just need to keep going.

2. I took my first summer class at Ohio State. I had always heard that summer classes are easier, perhaps gentler. I’m not sure if management negotiations is any easier in the summer than in any other quarter, but I do know about BATNAs, walk away points and integrative negotiating. It may not have been an easier class, but the pace seemed relaxed and it was nice to still see some of the classmates over the summer.

3. I spent the summer working as an HR co-op! My one or two loyal blog followers may recall my sometimes painful journey to find an internship. In the end, I was rewarded with one close to home loaded with practical experience. (More to come on this in future blogs.)

4. My family and I enjoyed a little trip to Mammoth Cave, Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Anytime you can walk into the earth, hear some down-home live music, sample bourbon at 10 am and tour a historic Civil War plantationhouse/field hospital, it’s a good trip.

Now I’m looking forward to knocking out another year of grad school and sharing my “adventure” with all of you. And for those of you just joining this trip, you’ll probably get to hear a bit about my two children, Samuel and Amelia, my dogs, my frustrations as a nontraditional student, and my home that my classmates teasingly (affectionately?) call Narnia. Along the way I hope to offer some helpful insights into the program. Thanks for reading!