“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry”

So I said at the beginning of the summer term that I was going to write about once every other week instead of the usual once a week.  Well clearly that did not happen since the quarter and my internship are almost over.  I have nothing clear to say, so I am going erratically express my thoughts and hope that you enjoy then when you are procrastinating/bored/clearly not doing anything important or significant in your life at this time by reading this blog.

  • I took one undergraduate course this summer.  Introduction to Counseling Psychology.  It literally made me want to drop out of the program and go back to undergrad.  Well actually, I have wanted to do that after the first quarter of being a grad student, but in a different way.  I forgot how easy (well at least now as a graduate student) undergraduate courses were.  I aced every exam, but did not start studying for each one until the day of the exam (I did not ace the final because it was cumulative and I think I got too cocky).  There were LOADS of extra credit opportunities (which I have missed so much).  There was only one assignment, that required no prior reading or course work to be learned or completed before turning in (it was all hypothetical).  I obviously aced the class which is great, because I am finally close to having a GPA I would actually want to put on my resume.  The only thing I have realized is that after a year of classes starting at 6pm in the evening is that I CANNOT take any class that does not meet in the evenings, and meets more than one day a week.  Those classes are long, but it allows you to space out your work and academic schedule at a better pace.  I was not the fan of it when I first started the program, but it is what I prefer now.
  • I think I have learned a lot from my other 2 classes.  With my Teaching Adults Online class, it is very “I am Teacher” and not a “I am Training Coordinator” in how the course is designed and what it teaches you.  I figured that was the way it would be designed, but I am excited to see how I can apply concepts to this class to the Training and Development class I take in the spring.
  • I have also enjoyed my negotiations class too.  Not only have I valued the skills I have obtained from practicing my skills in every class, but I have also appreciated the chance to interact with some of the MBA students as well.  My cohort is great, but one of the things I liked about undergraduate classes (at least my experience) is the chance to take classes with different and new people.  I hope that any second years taking the class in the fall considers doing negotiations and working in groups with some of the MBA students, because they are not as intimidating/scary/evil as you think (well a few are but I mean you could say that about some people in the MLHR program … but NOT me :-)).
  • I really can’t wait until fall for football season.  But most importantly, because hopefully global warming will have subsided and I will not sweat profusely in my house.  None of my other 2 roommates want to pay for air conditioning, so I just sit in my room dying on a nightly basis.  I actually stay at my internship longer just to enjoy the air conditioning.
  • Speaking of internships, mine is about to come to an end.  I did not sign up for the internship blog, so I am not going to go on and on about what I have done.  BUT….I did work on a lot of recruiting for student positions (particularly the marketing for those positions), calculating turnover costs, performance appraisals of our managers, and enhancing the overall process employees have from being an applicant to starting their first day (at this time I cannot think of the HR term to use to describe this).  Thanks to “Excel for Dummies” I’m starting to get better with this Microsoft product as well.
  • I went to the Ke$ha concert at the Ohio State fair and it was awesome.

Well that’s basically been my summer.  I probably will not have anything else interesting to say until school starts so sorry for not meeting your expectations, blog-wise 🙂


P.S.-If there is any member of the cohort I miss the most it would be Eric J Dosch because:

1. His postings about me would always boost my self-esteem like no other and

2. He has the best teeth in the world.

P.P.S-I have no idea how I am going to manage studying in the fall.  I all of a sudden have a TV schedule set Tuesday-Thursday. I am not going to tell you the shows I am watching due to dignity purposes, but let’s just say that my DVR has a lot of ABC Family, CW, BET, and MTV programming recording on a weekly basis.